PLASTIC INJECTION BUILDING Injection plastique BTP bâtiment



In the sector, Plastic injection Buildings Public works, we use our experience in the service of various levels.

When a company uses an object as edible in its activity, this one asks us to make a more effective or less expensive replacement solution according to objectives of development.

Material distribution companies :

  • Small tools
  • Safety harness
  • Collar for holding cables

BTP companies :

  • For the manufacture of specific products and systems, or by economic selection with integration of consumable manufacture.

For the shell :

  • To resolve a ground problem with metal elements overmolding for tools manufacturing,spray lance nozzles (pulverizing), fixation systems, keeping necklaces and protection

For the benefit of the second work, for whom we inject parts of hardware store as :

  • Corks, tip of lifeline, rings antigame, window aerations, filters in honeycomb stitch and filter in railing overmolding metal, faucet factory, lids, rod, hinges, doors and windows shutters.

In the spa :

  • faucets, drains , pipe clamps interlocking , insert, led framework for pools and components and nozzles for watering and leisure facilities.

For walls and ceilings: of decorative or functional accessories, fastening systems

In accessibility:

  • With wheels , rollers , wheels, ball bearing and pulley for armored gates and doors

In the Communication :

  • The housings of intercoms, building entry digicodes , circuit breakers and other electrical housings equipment

The most commonly used plastics:

PP (polypropylene) , PE (polyethylene) , PA 6 and 66 (polyamide) , POM ( polyacetal ) , PBT (polyester) , PU (polyurethane) Synthetic rubber , SBS, SEBS , TPE ( thermoplastic elastomer ) … Natural, with mineral filler ( talc ) , glass fiber, long glass fiber , carbon fiber modified high temperature , shock, electrical conductor, electromagnetic charge sink , electrostatic shielding (EMI shielding)