Injection plastique dans le domaine des transports, PLASTIC INJECTION TRANSPORT VEHICLE HANDLING



In the Transport plastic injection sector, we use our experience in the service of companies making solutions of mobility

The Railroad

  • We make modular supports for fixation of lamp protection


In the Automobile (Automotive sample)

  • Fixation spare wheel,
  • Finalized head pumps in running,
  • Support of seat, fixation support headrest, nail for dressing and fixation

In the Nautical for pleasure boat and yacht

  • Polymer fixation to the end (rope) of bridge,
  • Halyard sheave …
  • Protection axle sand yacht overmolding …


In the Transmission

  • with the molding of flector
  • Notched pulley training with keyed shaft belt, idler pulley plastic aluminum, with overmolded antirolling and jumping threaded shaft flange


In Mobility

  • Hoods, masks, mudguard 2 and 4 wheels
  • Hose cooling, circuit gasoline hydrocarbon
  • seat support with pre-fitted fixing

In Handling and Lifting

  • Wheel and Pebble with molding of bandage rubber and elastomer
    Cast rubber silent block engine with treaded axle or molded steel threaded hole

In the air conditioning :

  • Heating and electronics for vehicles, support, filters stainless and plastic painting, roasts for diffuser

In the industrial electronics :

  • Case, paintings and fixed or exchangeable facades for electronic equipment, support electromechanic reels


In the urban maintenance :

  • Machines of cleaning for communities

PLASTIC INJECTION TRANSPORT VEHICLE HANDLING : We make your plastic parts such as overmolding of mechanical parts, and complete elements of embarked systems.

The most commonly used plastics :

PP (polypropylene) , ABS, PA 6 and 66 (polyamide ), PA 11, PA 12 , PBT (polyester) , PU (polyurethane) Synthetic rubber , SBS, SEBS , TPE ( thermoplastic elastomer ) … Natural, with mineral filler ( Talc ) , glass fiber, long glass fiber , carbon fiber , modified high temperature , shock, electrical conductor, electromagnetic charge sink , electrostatic shielding (EMI shielding)