Injection plastique Sécurité protection,


Plastic injection security protection : In the sector of plastic injection security protection, we use our experience for companies and their engineering consulting firm. In partnership, our engineering consulting firm can help in the development or evolution of their project and finalize manufacturing of specific or global solutions. Injection in communication, protection and accessibility We make, cases of security ring peripheral :

  • Plastic elements of systems of fight against fire, connected smoke detectors, material of wired or connected access control.
  • Cases for solutions of video protection
  • Hoods of security camera and other safety solutions and anti-theft alarms
  • Cases of intercoms integrating the last systems LED and LCD, digital codes
  • Protective covers, radomes…

injection plastique surmoulage galets (1) injection plastique tube

In communication and security for buildings :

  • Using the equipment for night vision
  • Accessibility of protected places via fingerprint reader
  • In fight against fire equipment and fire prevention
  • In data transmission systems : equipment to Smartphones
  • Device control remotes

In addition to control and access, we machine the carrier elements for gates

  • Plastic injection specialist small wheels, stone, wheels, ball bearings and pulley for aluminum doors, security doors, armored doors and elevators, modular walls, we invite you to check out our article on these elements.

The most commonly used plastics :

PP (polypropylène), ABS, PA 6 et 66 (polyamide), PA 11, PA 12, PBT (polyester), PU (polyuréthane) Caoutchouc synthétique, SBS, SEBS, TPE (élastomère thermoplastique)…

Natural , with inorganic filler ( talc ) , glass fiber, modified high temperature , shock, electrical conductor, electromagnetic charge sink , electrostatic shielding (EMI shielding)