Injection plastique dans le domaine de l'electricite Injection plastique Électricité PLASTIC INJECTION ELECTRICITY



In the Electric sector, we use our experience in the service of entities making global solutions for private individuals and professionals.

We make :

  • Plastic cases of electric hardware
  • Circuit breakers
  • Transparent facades
  • Switches and sockets
  • Hardware Installation

Protection cases :

  • Tight non-conductive, secure connections sheets

Diversion boxes :

  • Dissipation of electrostatic charge
  • Pluggable connector male / female for environment ATEX (anti deflagrating)

Polycarbonate protective covers

The most commonly used plastics:

PP (polypropylene) , PE (polyethylene) , ABS, PA 6 and 66 (polyamide) , POM ( polyacetal ) , PBT ( polyester), PC (polycarbonate) , PU (polyurethane) Synthetic rubber , SBS, SEBS , TPE ( thermoplastic elastomer ) …

Natural, with mineral filler, glass fiber, long glass fiber, carbon fiber, modified high
temperature, shock, electrical conductor, electromagnetic charge sink,
electrostatic shielding (EMI shielding).