Injection plastique Électronique, PLASTIC INJECTION ELECTRONIC


In the Electronic sector, we use our experience in the service of companies making complex electronic systems.

We make :

  • Diverse cases and plastic parts of ring roads to receive the new circuits and Wifi
  • electronic modules and other connected object
  • Cases for assembly card and electronic component
  • LCD screen support
  • Inlays of LED in diffusantes materials
  • Magnets facilitating the assembly and easy and fast dismantling without tools
  • Bright functioning buttons, hulls and frames of design screens in finish lacquered, chrome-plated, granulated…
  • Supports of plastic connector PSU for avionics and ATEX flame-retardant explosion-proof, connector
  • POS terminals autonomous cases
  • Cash register buttons
  • Various masks and fineries in Robotics
  • Various complements to wireless system (Wireless technology)
  • Supports for printed circuit, cabling, electronics, TFT and LCD
  • Custom-made touch spring
  • Inserts tips and joins

The most commonly used plastics:

PSU / PPS ( Polysulfone ) ABS, PA 6 and 66 (polyamide) , PBT ( polyester), PEEK , ULTEM , anti-radiation material , material electromagnetic shielding (EMI protection, EMI safe) , anti-radiation material , electromagnetic armor plating material (EMI protection, EMI safe)

Protection against electromagnetic fields, electric dissipating material,

conductive material (grounding), thermal dissipating material, high-temperature
material …